New Author Website for Lawrence Pintak

New Author Website for Lawrence Pintak

Recently launched - a new author website for Lawrence Pintak. Lawrence Pintak, PhD is an award-winning journalist and media development expert who has reported from four continents and led media development projects in the Middle East, South Asia, Africa, and the Caucasus. A former CBS News Middle East correspondent, Pintak is the author of five books at the intersection of media, democracy, and international relations, and was named a Fellow of the Society of Professional Journalists in 2017 for “extraordinary service to the profession of journalism” around the world. He holds a PhD in Islamic Studies.

Target: Hollywood, Pintak's first work of fiction is out now and available on all major online retail sites.

A dagger aimed at the heart of Hollywood. Two Middle Eastern cousins. One determined to strike at the capital of American decadence. The other trying desperately to stop him. The untold story of a plot at the dawn of America’s war on terror by award-winning author Lawrence Pintak.

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