Darren Dash Book Cover Designs

Darren Dash Book Cover Designs

Make sure to keep your website up to date, post new content regularly. This is a refrain that I have oft repeated to my clients. Of course there’s another phrase that goes “practice what you preach” but the less said about that the better. Moving quickly along….

We’ve just redesigned covers for a trio of books by Darren Dash, the alter ego of YA horror supremo, Darren Shan. I say trio of books because unlike his series work as Darren Shan these are three entirely separate books.

The cover design for “The Evil and the Pure” was a simple refresh of the existing cover with stronger colour and type.

The cover for “An Other Place” which also features a painting by Stephen Toomey was a different affair as it required a slightly different approach. The main character is transported to a freakish alternate universe that is similar but horribly different to our “real” world. His reality and identity have been simply flipped upside down. It is a place where locations have no names and memories are very short. With this in mind I took the simple decision to flip the portrait upside down and employ the use of a contour map that had literally no reference points. What good is a map without reference points you say - welcome to “An Other Place”!

The design for “Sunburn” on the other hand required no such abstraction. This is a visceral horror tale in which the dangers and consequences of every action are all too real. It’s tale of survival and the ability of the human mind to adapt to new and warped realities. The cover offers only a hint of what’s inside as anything more literal would probably get the book banned!