Custom Book Cover Design - Land of the Free

Custom Book Cover Design - Land of the Free

Very pleased with the new book cover design created for Tom Curtin’s Irish Odyssey in America, Land of the Free.

It’s 1969, the last summer of love. Moloney, O’Reilly and Gallagher – three Irish students yearning to break free from the shackles of strict, Catholic upbringings in the small university city of Galway – embark on a journey to New York under the guise of visiting relatives and searching for Maloney’s long lost aunt. Summer work visas in hand, they quickly find odd jobs as construction hands, elevator operators and cockroach exterminators and become acquainted with the local bar scene – where they find it delightfully easy to meet girls ready to follow them home. As he revels in the novelty of the libertine American experience, Moloney struggles to keep feelings of Catholic guilt and thoughts of his Irish sweetheart at bay. When he learns that his aunt is alive, he sets out to find her in California and stumbles on a dark secret from her past that casts a new light on the meaning of love, morality – and freedom.

What began as a simple quest for sex and a good time proves life-changing and profound as Moloney discovers that with exhilaration comes disappointment and guilt – both fellow travellers of true love.

Tom Curtin’s “Land of the Free”. Now available for preorder on Amazon