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Eoin Colfer is the author of the multi-million selling Artemis Fowl series. The widely-acclaimed series concluded in 2013 with the publication of “The Last Guardian”. Eoin has also ventured into the dark alleys of gritty “noir” crime fiction with his his violent but blackly humorous novels, “Plugged” and “Screwed” which follow the misadventures of an Irish “tough guy” on the mean streets of New Jersey.

The Eoin Colfer site, which is built on the ExpressionEngine content management system makes extensive use of geo-detection throughout. This ensures that localised cover art is shown to each visitor where possible and also ensures that purchase links for both Amazon and the iTunes Bookstore connect to the visitor’s nearest location. This is especially important for authors published in multiple territories as the logistics of managing links to online retailers can be overwhelming. For example, iTunes and the App Store have 155 distinct regional storefronts. In addition, Amazon has 11 regional storefronts worldwide. Multiply this by each book and variation (paperback, hardback, Kindle, audiobook) and the scale of the challenge becomes evident.

An integrated feed on the site pushes all site updates to Twitter and also all updates posted to directly Twitter are mirrored on the site.

For a touring author a comprehensive events section is essential to keep fans up to date with events in their area. Eoin’s site features embedded Google maps helping fans to find the exact location of the event and the quickest way to get there ensuring that each stop on the tour is a sellout.

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